Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker

Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker 4.1

Create banners for your web pages in various formats, like SWF, AVI and GIF

Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker could not have a more descriptive name. This program is mainly intended to create Flash banners for webpages. Although creating your banners is not so difficult if you follow the steps suggested by the program’s interface, this process could certainly be made a lot easier. Luckily, there are various examples you can start from. Also, if you prefer, you can start from scratch.

The first step in designing a banner is setting its shape, size and appearance. This is also the time to configure other visual properties, like foreground and background colors. Fortunately, you can add sounds to make your banner livelier. Finally, you need to make some technical decisions, such as JPEG quality, compression, number of loops and frame rate. Additionally, if the banner is too heavy to load, you can also set a preloader.

The tool supports using various types of backgrounds, which can be transparent or have a solid or gradient color. Likewise, it is possible to use a picture. Then, you can add quite nice effects from an ample collection. It is convenient that the effects can be customized to your likes and various of them can be used simultaneously.

Next step is choosing the foreground elements, which can be images or text. Again, you can add some effects, but this time the number of them is unfortunately quite limited. At this point, it is allowed to insert the link to the target webpage, if there is any. The link can be set to open with a mouse click or when the animation cycle is over.

Luckily, the tool shows a floating preview window that displays all the changes in real time. Thus, when your banner finally looks as you wanted, you can proceed to generate the necessary HTML code and save it as a Flash movie, an animated GIF and even an AVI video. Unfortunately, it does not support HTML5.

All in all, Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker lets you design your own animated banners even if you do not have any programming skills. This is a product I recommend you to try, which can be done without spending a single dime.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various examples to start from
  • Real-time previewing
  • Various output formats
  • Multiple background effects
  • Supports adding sounds


  • Few foreground effects
  • HTML5 not supported
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